Digital Open Kitchen

Your Trusted Partner for Dynamic Change

What Does Digital Transformation Mean For Your SME?

Digital transformation is inevitable. Amidst the uncertainties, transformation empowers your company to capture new opportunities with new business models and remain relevant. It reinvents the way your business delivers value to your customers, by taking advantage of powerful digital technologies to develop new capabilities to thrive in dynamic change.

Some of Our Work


Tailor-made to enable effective governance and efficient compliance, Board.Vision is developed in collaboration with end users to understand and optimize the collaborative decision-making process.


A versatile perks and benefits management system, Perks.Vision helps you manage, administer, exercise and track all types of benefits and incentives across your organization.


A virtual shareholder meeting allows participants to securely attend general meetings, via an online platform that registers them, allows them to ask questions and participate electronically in real-time.

Transform With Us Today

Business Consulting

  • Organisation Design & Change Management
  • Business Process Design & Reengineering
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

Digital Services

  • Digital Products
  • Agile Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Customer Experience Strategy

Corporate Services

  • Finance Services
  • Human Resource Services
  • Modern EUC Services
  • Cloud Migration

Your Trusted Partner for Dynamic Change

Your Trusted Partner for Dynamic Change

You want to be assured that the key outcome of your transformative effort is confidence to face the storm of global uncertainties. As an SME ourselves, we know what it takes to implement transformation through such uncertainties, having  successfully done so for our organization.  As your trusted partner, we will navigate these storms with you.

What to Expect

Working Together With DTS: 
The Digital Open Kitchen

Close Collaboration & Co-Creation

Close Collaboration & Co-Creation
The DTS team of experience technologists will work in close collaboration with YOU to understand your needs. You bring your industry expertise, we bring our leading-edge solutions.

Designed According to Your Needs

Designed According to Your Needs
No overpriced or over-engineered solutions to meet your business objectives. We find what's right for you. Our agile, adaptive approach allows us to evolve with you as your needs do.

Smart, Cost-Effective Transformation

Smart, Cost-Effective Transformation
Digital transformation doesn't need to be complicated. It is a journey, and we're here to make it simple and commonsensical. Most of all, we're here to make it work for you.

The Digital Open Kitchen: DTS’s Unique Approach

We believe that transforming your business is a collaborative journey together. It is about bringing the best of all worlds to the table – your deep industry expertise and our leading-edge solutions – to bring out true business transformation to your organisation.

The Digital Open Kitchen

Innovate With Us Today

The Digital Open Kitchen: Our Recipe for Your SME Transformation Success

Experience how powerful digital transformation can be unlocked by bringing your deep industry expertise with our leading-edge capabilities together, in a powerful collaborative journey together.


If you are keen on embarking on a journey to transform your business, or if you would like to explore what transformation means for your company, take a first step and reach out to us. We’ll be glad to speak with you and understand your needs. (UPDATE HERE)

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