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Modernising with Microsoft 365: Singapore SME Edition

October 4, 2020
minutes read
October 4, 2020
minutes read

The end of support for the popular Office 2010 suite will come to an end on 13 Oct 2020. It follows the end of security updates and support for Windows 7 earlier in 2020. For many companies, this is the perfect time to modernise their end-user computing experiences for their teams. Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash.

A New Era for Workplace Productivity

In the information age, equipping teams for work meant giving them computers with a suite of software to help them with their work: a laptop, Microsoft Office, and perhaps specific purpose-built software for specific tasks that can’t be handled by MS Excel.

Today, the modern professional is a multi-talented knowledge worker, able to use a range of different sophisticated digital tools at her disposal. On any given workday, she could be running several functions to perform her role, beyond the standard office productivity software.

On top of that, she can use these tools seamlessly across multiple devices – mobile phones, tablets, or laptops – that are connected to the Internet.

Enter the age of the End-User Computing experiences, or EUC, where companies empower their staff by enabling a fully digital workspace that allows their team to access and use digital tools anytime, anywhere.

Tools for Collaboration and Productivity

Apart from productivity, today’s workers are working more collaboratively than ever. According to a recent Forbes survey, teams are spending 50% more time collaborating with others. This means more information being shared to perform tasks.

In addition to increased collaboration, surveys also found that teams enjoy the increased effectiveness from using business tools. These build a picture of a more productive organisation.

Today, the modern professional is a multi-talented knowledge worker, able to use a range of different sophisticated digital tools at her disposal.
Photo by Thyla Jane on Unsplash

Collaboration calls for Cybersecurity

While increased collaboration has enabled new levels of productivity, there is a darker side to this equation: data breaches. Without proper information security policies and implementation, small businesses face increased risks of security threats.

In 2019, 58% of all data breaches happened at small businesses. In Singapore and across the world, regulators are putting more pressure on businesses big and small to guard enterprise and customer data more carefully.

In sum, data breaches can seriously impact a business’ reputation, and in some cases, may also affect its license to operate.

Microsoft 365 and Windows10 with DTS – Your Fuss-Free Solution Partner

Working closely with our clients, we at Digital & Transformation Services (DTS) have successfully and securely implemented Microsoft 365 for Singapore SMEs. Being one of the first companies in Singapore to deploy Microsoft 365 in our own company, Trusted Services, we can help you migrate your work applications to a new, more productive environment for your company, taking out the guesswork and frustrations in the process.

Reach out to us today to find our how you can implement Microsoft 365 and other similar solutions for your business.

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